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Thinking Differently Creates
a Different Outcome.


Danica FamilyDo you really believe that you’ll never get past infertility?

If I listened only to science and believed all the medical odds stacked against me, I wouldn’t have my kids, Kira and Jack. Statistically speaking, they weren’t supposed to get here…

In 2001, at age 31, I was told I had bad eggs, and was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure (a.k.a early menopause). I also had Stage 4 endo, a blocked fallopian tube, and no male partner.

Fertility specialists told me I would never be a candidate for IVF.

Acupuncturists told me that I had a complex case, making conception challenging.

So I decided to try a very different path to having a baby — road less-traveled for women diagnosed with infertility…

I stopped feeling hopeless, and started listening to Myself.

Being one of the first acupuncturists in America to specialize in treating women’s infertility, I had helped several hundred other women beat the odds stacked against them…

I knew it was possible to overcome infertility because I had helped so many women improve their fertility for a successful IVF, and watched as so many others used my recommendations to conceive naturally — after attempts at IVF failed.

“My infertility diagnosis gave me 2 choices.
I could give in to fear, doubt and self-pity,
or choose to think differently and change my situation.”

Danica Thornberry, L.Ac.
Fertility Acupuncturist, Educator and Author

Instead of panicking with my own infertility diagnosis, I went inward and asked myself, “Do I really believe that I’m not going to mother a child someday?” The answer came from a place of intuition, logic and self-confidence.

Because I wasn’t a candidate for IVF, I removed that as an option. Instead I focused on self-discovery, diet and lifestyle changes.

From a more empowered perspective my fertility began to change… for the better.

I addressed my fertility issues using the same mind-body medicine tools I had given my patients –including a few new foods and a new, spiritual attitude of courage.

Then I surprised doctors when I naturally conceived two kids of my own.

The Seed Fertility Program works for women who want to include holistic fertile wisdom to improve any of the following scenarios:


We know it’s really hard to trust when you’re afraid.

But isn’t it time you start believing it’s possible to take control of your fertility and “put it back in your own hands”?

Of course, we’re not suggesting you stop working with your doctor!

Rather, we’ve designed a program that doctors have endorsed… that you can add to your next fertility cycle.

The Seed Program addresses the emotional component of infertility AND provides the holistic dietary advice that modern science fertility protocols are missing.

We’ve also created a special module — just for women who are forced to wait for many weeks during genetic testing, mock cycles, following surgeries, losses, DNC or while regulating their cycles (i.e. PCOS).

“What To Do While Waiting” contains constructive tasks for women who don’t want to sit still, who want to use the downtime to optimize their fertility.

Perhaps the only thing harder than going through infertility is cultivating patience and inner peace during long delays between cycles.

If you like taking action and making positive life changes… then you are in the right place.


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