Thinking Differently Creates
a Different Outcome.


Do you really believe that you’ll never get past infertility?

If I listened only to science and believed all the medical odds that were stacking up against me, I wouldn’t have my kids, Kira and Jack. Statistically and scientifically speaking, they weren’t supposed to get here…

The story is becoming all too common, but here’s how it happened for me:

In 2001, at age 31, I was told I had bad eggs, high FSH, and would soon experience Premature Ovarian Failure (a.k.a early menopause). I also had Stage 4 endometriosis, a blocked fallopian tube, and no male partner. Fertility specialists told me I would never be a candidate for IVF and my best shot at having children was with Donor IVF.

Acupuncturists told me that it would be challenging for my body to keep a pregnancy.

That’s when I decided to try a very different path to baby…and it made all the difference.

I stopped feeling hopeless and started listening to Myself.

You see, as one of the first acupuncturists in America to specialize in treating women’s infertility, I had spent years helping hundreds of women reverse their infertility diagnoses and become mothers. Contrary to how it is for many women going through infertility now, I knew it was possible to overcome infertility because I had watched so many of my patients achieve a successful IVF, or conceive naturally after their former attempts at IVF had failed. That was very empowering for me.

“My infertility diagnosis gave me 2 choices.
I could give in to fear, doubt, and self-pity;
or I could choose to think differently and change my situation.”

Danica Thornberry, L.Ac.
Fertility Acupuncturist, Educator and Author

Instead of panicking with my own infertility diagnosis, I asked myself, “Do I really believe that I’m not going to mother a child someday?”

The answer came from a place of intuition, logic and self-confidence.

Not being a candidate for IVF left me with no choice but to explore more holistic fertility treatments.

I focused on self-discovery, diet and lifestyle changes. Soon after, and from a more empowered perspective, my fertility began to change… for the better.

Danica FamilyI addressed and healed my fertility issues using the same mind-body medicine tools I had given my patients –adding a few new foods and a new, spiritual attitude of courage.

Then I surprised doctors when I naturally conceived two healthy kids, against so many odds.

The courses found inside this online program were created by me using the same wisdom — to give women everywhere the tools they need to help themselves get to their babies.


Could you use help with any of the following?

The #1 reason women succeed using The Seed Fertility Program is because
they finally find the tools they need (like a nutritional plan and better emotional understanding)
to improve their fertility and overall health.


 Doctors recommend The Seed Program for their infertility patients because it addresses the emotions AND provides the dietary advice that modern fertility protocols are missing…

Yes, there really is something else you can do to change your outcome.

The Seed Program gives you the tools, provides the missing information about emotions and diet to help you make more sense of what’s going on, and answers the question, “What more can I do to make this work?”

We’ve even created a special module — for women who are “optimizing” their bodies and are forced to wait for weeks during genetic testing and mock cycles, following surgeries, losses, DNC or while optimizing or regulating their cycles (i.e. PCOS and amenorrhea).

At last, an effective online fertility program recommended by doctors that can help you with your next fertility cycle… Don’t keep waiting. It’s time to start improving your fertility and get pregnant!


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