Danica Thornberry, Founder

“Finding the answer to my own long list of fertility obstacles not only brought me two children, it also revealed my true life purpose and gives me the opportunity to share and help thousands of other women.” — Danica Thornberry, L.Ac.


Thinking differently about infertility.

The Seed Fertility Program was developed by Danica Thornberry, founder of Well Women Acupuncture and author of Stick It to Me, Baby! – Inserting Spirit Into the Science of Infertility.

Since 2001 Danica has successfully practiced fertility acupuncture in Los Angeles and helped nearly 1500 babies come into the world, despite their parents’ former infertility challenges.

The Seed Program is Danica’s unique blending of 1) her science background in molecular biology/DNA research, 2) her holistic medicine wisdom from years of clinical success, and 3) her personal experience of overcoming infertility.

A unique success story

Danica was diagnosed with elevated FSH, Premature Ovarian Failure, Stage 4 endometriosis and a blocked fallopian tube at age 31. Despite all the odds being stacked against her, she cultivated a higher understanding about reproduction, spiritual practice, lifestyle and nutrition… and actually healed her infertility.

Five years after her initial infertility diagnosis, she decided to release the stressful romantic notion of finding the perfect partner before having kids. As a result her life changed, and at age 37 then again near age 40, she conceived two healthy children with the help of a friend, and the positive belief that her body was as “physically and spiritually fertile as it needed to be”.

Both kids were conceived naturally with one attempt each. Danica says these little miracles came from having the courage to think differently and make unconventional decisions from a place of fertile confidence instead of fear.

Rather than giving in to fear or shame that might come with an infertile diagnosis or from living an unconventional life, Danica embraced the idea that infertility presented her with the opportunity to heal some deeper parts of herself, while allowing a very unique life experience to unfold.

“Danica teaches women how to dig deep to find their own courage and the willingness to sit still, when that’s needed. 

She inserts more spiritual understanding and a fresh perspective, to help women make sense of their journey to motherhood.”


Danica created The Seed Fertility Program to spread her unique story and information to women around the world.

She has been featured twice on Lifetime TV’s Speaking of Women’s Health, and received the ‘Award of Excellence in Family Building’ from Resolve Infertility, a nationally recognized infertility support group.

Danica provides acupuncture to fertility patients in Los Angeles, supporting them during their menstrual cycles and at each step of the IVF process. For scheduling information, please email

The Seed Program is a tribute to the late Dr. Joyce M. Vargyas of California Fertility Partners. It was Dr Vargyas’ association with Danica and the Well Women Acupuncture practice that inspired the creation of this unique holistic program designed to increase fertility.
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