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The Seed Program is a collection of holistic online courses specifically designed for women who want to get pregnant, have had trouble getting pregnant or miscarried in the past, or have decided to freeze their eggs…

These courses are for women who know they are ready to mother a child, and couples who want to create the most optimal eggs and sperm possible, whether they’re trying naturally or working with a fertility specialist and doing IVF.

Our courses teach you to think differently about your trouble getting pregnant.

You’ll soon be creating more fertile conditions and feeling better about the process.

If you’re serious about improving your fertility or planning to freeze your eggs soon, this is your next step.

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The Seed Fertility Program courses will help if:


The Seed Program gives women effective strategies to release all the nervous energy that comes from the #infertilityjourney.  

“The Seed Program is the best money I spent on anything related to my infertility treatments!”

Mary, Seed Success Story
following 6 miscarriages

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This program is for you, if you have:

Trouble staying positive.
Your thoughts, feelings and emotions play an important role in your ability to conceive a carry and baby to full term. Clearly directed journal questions and positive affirmations each day will guide you to greater peace and calm.

No regular menstrual cycle, due to PCOS or as you are currently waiting for the chance to TTC.
Various fertility protocols have necessary down time – including several weeks for mock cycles of the EFT (endometrial function test), meanwhile there’s more waiting during the testing genetics of the embryos, following certain medical procedures (hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, myomectomy), or while healing following a miscarriage or DNC.

The attitude that there’s MORE you could be doing, or you have the belief that your body CAN do this once given the right tools and information.

You’re actively trying to improve your chances of getting pregnant, either naturally or through IVF.

You’re preparing to freeze your eggs for the future.

Have thought to yourself, What more can I do to improve my chances of getting pregnant?

Or asked your doctor, How can I  freeze my eggs and get as many as possible?

Do you have any of the following fertility issues?

Unexplained Infertility

Women who have no known structural or medical reason preventing pregnancy can benefit from participation in The Seed Fertility Program, as it presents a completely unique approach to baby-making. Get to know and understand your body. The Seed Program holds the key to helping you find your “explanation” at last, and shows you how you can help yourself become more fertile.

Bad Eggs, Few Eggs, Poor or Diminished Ovarian Reserve
The Seed Fertility Program has a dietary component that is endorsed by well-known fertility doctors for its ability to improve egg quality and quantity in the women who participate in the program.

Elevated FSH
Follicular Stimulating Hormone becomes elevated in times of stress and poor diet ~ High FSH is not necessarily an indicator of early menopause. The Seed Fertility Program gives very clear information about how to improve ovarian function and lower the FSH score quickly.

Poor Response to Hormonal Stimulation Protocols
Participants of The Seed Fertility Program surprise their doctors as they produce additional follicles or create embryos with reduced fragmentation, as a result of making changes that improve mindset, nutrition, and overall balance.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
As women participate in The Seed Fertility Program they learn the role of glycemic balance in improving fertility. Very often women find their cycle length becomes regulated after incorporating the new ideas and lifestyle recommendations.

Inflammation is a key component of endometriosis. The Seed Fertility Program teaches women about anti-inflammatory foods that decrease a woman’s tendency to create endometrial adhesions and reduce menstrual pain, while providing stress reduction tools to maintain a more peaceful mindset. Together, these fertile foods and fertile thoughts promote a more fertile pelvic environment.

Advanced Maternal Age
While The Seed Fertility Program cannot change a woman’s age, the foods presented in the program are well known in the anti-aging community for their ability to reverse aging processes, including within the ovaries. Women who participate in this program are consistently surprised to see what their bodies can do after they incorporate the recommended changes.

Habitual Losses
The Seed Fertility Program provides a very unique and new way of looking at getting pregnant and staying pregnant. The inclusion of certain foods and emphasis on the spiritual aspect of conception and motherhood can help turn frustrating situations around. This program helps restore hope for women who have repeatedly faced disappointment and recurrent miscarriage.

Just Started Trying or Freezing Your Eggs
The Seed Fertility Program provides more than just the basic information about ovulation and prenatal vitamins. We present an entirely new way of viewing the process of getting pregnant, which can reduce anxiety and provide a sense of confidence about becoming a mother, whether you’re ready to try now, or freezing eggs for later.

No Periods (Amenorrhea)
The Seed Fertility Program empowers women by showing where nutrient deficiencies may exist and explains the nutritional needs during each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle. Addressing those deficiencies may restore menstrual function and promote regularity. Specific foods that help increase uterine lining are presented, as well as foods that can help promote ovulation.

Ovarian Cysts
Seed participants learn that stress and/or blocked creativity can disrupt the proper balance of hormones in the body, resulting in cysts. The Seed Program provides various tools to help women improve their lives, moods, diet and overall hormone balance. The result is a reduction in cystic activity and more regular cycles.

It’s all in here! The Seed Program courses contain everything you need to improve your fertility and prepare you for motherhood.

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