How Does it Work?

It’s All About Optimizing…

Optimizing for fertility means you’ve created the most optimal environment for conception to occur — physically, mentally and emotionally. When your fertility is optimized, the conditions are as good as they can be. You can relax more into your fertility cycle, because you know you’ve done your personal best.

How does The Seed Program — an online course — help women get pregnant, when expensive, high-tech science hasn’t been successful?

Getting pregnant is not just about perfectly timing sex, or doing IVF many times.

Becoming fertile is a mindset of confidence, receptivity and balance.

Whether you’re using IVF or trying to conceive naturally, having a successful pregnancy happens once you’ve optimized your body’s fertility, and the best way to do it is to combine holistic methods into the science…


The mind-body techniques and dietary suggestions within The Seed Fertility Program effectively improve a couple’s future gametes, positively change their epigenetics, and make them more fertile over time.

Here’s how:

Each month women mature a new crop of follicles, and men make new sperm. This process of making new gametes is known as gametogenesis, and it’s totally affected by what you eat and what you think about your life. 

Learn how to change your thinking and you’ll change your fertility.

Fertile Thoughts - Fertile Foods - New Outcome

Doctors don’t have all the answers…

True, they have all the science and protocols, but most fertility doctors do not have the time during intakes to offer good nutritional advice or emotional guidance.

However, diet and emotional health are key parts to helping fertility cycles become successful.

Doctors recommend this program to their patients who want to do more to help themselves improve their chances. 


Seed Program students learn:

Improving fertility can require courage, hard work and a willingness to change old habits. But your future child will benefit from your effort.

Online searches, message boards and chatrooms can leave you feeling down or even more confused...
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