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How long is the online course? Several weeks, months, or ongoing as long as someone is in treatment or trying to conceive?

The program includes information for all “28 days” of a typical fertility cycle and you will use it as long as you are doing fertility treatment and trying to conceive. Once you purchase the program, the material is yours for life. When we make upgrades to improve the user experience, you will not be charged for the upgrade…the improvements become yours automatically for free.

 How much time do I need to spend in the course each day? I want to make sure I have time to do the course if I sign up.

Understood! Generally students in the course spend about 15-20 min per day reading the daily material &/or preparing the foods. There are also 12 different meditations, each averaging 15 minutes; so listening to a meditation would obviously add some time to your daily time inside the course.


Are there other recommendations inside the program for which I might need to budget money–such as massages, supplements, etc.?

No. There’s nothing additional recommended inside beyond our suggestions of “Fertile Foods” and “Fertile Thoughts”… There’s no surprises and expensive gimmicks inside. Just straightforward, time-tested, doctor-approved advice presented from a mind-body perspective.

The program is a combination of “Fertile Thoughts” (i.e. meditations, affirmations, inspiring videos, journal questions and unique education), and “Fertile Foods” (shopping lists and recipes/foods to eat each day of your fertility cycle). Specifically, you will be relieved to find 3 or more easy-to-find foods suggested daily to balance your mood and your hormones, and improve eggs/sperm.

Is the entire course done online?

The program is done completely online. It’s private and there is not a community forum attached to the course. This is a self-paced program that supplies women with emotional tools and dietary information that effectively improves the quality of gametes and embryos, and cycle outcomes.


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