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Mary, age 37, overcame habitual miscarriage and fibroids and conceived successfully 6 months after starting The Seed Program. In this video, she discusses the positive differences that Seed made in her overall health and her fertility journey.


“After having 6 miscarriages, this was the BEST money we spent on infertility!!!”

Mary H. Age 37, Los Angeles, CA

“Our doctor recommended the Seed program to us after 4 years of trying and 3 unsuccessful IVFs. It worked five months later…now we are 11 weeks pregnant! We are forever grateful to Danica and the Seed program!”

E.R., Age 35, Los Angeles, CA

“Before starting The Seed Program, I thought I had done everything possible to stop feeling sorry for myself. It rang true for me when Danica explained how to “be trusting, patient and receptive – like the egg, instead of the sperm!” I realized that I was overworking to compensate for feeling broken inside. We are now parents of a healthy baby girl. Thank you for presenting these unique ideas to women everywhere!”

M.H., Age 42, New Delhi, India

“The Seed Program is the equivalent of 5 years of therapy. And it actually worked – within 2 months!”

A.P., Age 34, Los Angeles, CA

“We did my retrieval and I got 42 eggs! That’s twice as many as before, and all I did was incorporate the Seed Fertile Foods. The Seed Program really works!”

L.G., Age 34, Los Angeles

After 18 rounds of IUI/IVF, including several with donor eggs, I was ready to give up. After so many attempts, I know that it was Danica’s unique perspective inside this program and her teachings about the role of EMOTIONAL HEALING and eating “fertile foods” that made the difference. I now have twin boys!”

S.P. Age 46, Melbourne, Australia

“The greatest thing I learned from The Seed Program is the way perfectionism played such a big role in my life. Canceled cycles taught me that I can’t force this to work, and Seed helped me accept that…finally. The nutritional aspect was huge for me. Drinking full fat milk makes sense if you want to make a baby, but Danica shares so much more and really teaches women how to eat certain foods depending on where you are in your cycle. Incorporating the right foods at the right times got me so much more in tune with my body; which naturally made me feel MORE fertile – instead of feeling “IN-fertile” like I have felt for two years. Thank God for this program!”

D.W., Age 41, New York, NY




“Seed showed me that it’s my responsibility to think differently every day. Watching the different stories of all the other women who succeeded after doing Seed helped me believe that I could be hopeful still, after 2 ½ years and despite having 3 miscarriages. I feel like this program gave me everything I needed to change my attitude and that helped me change my status from “habitual loss” to MOTHER!”

D.C., Age 31, San Francisco, CA




“After almost 10 years of trying, we are expecting!!! Danica has a special gift of making dreams come true!!!”

L.O., Age 42, Burbank, CA

“Being diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure at 27 years old was shocking and devastating. The Seed program was the only thing that allowed me to cope with my diagnosis and continue to live with positivity and hope.”

S.B., Age 32, Seattle, WA

“The Seed Program was the best thing to come out of my experience dealing with infertility. It changed my experience from sadness and anger to an experience of growth and personal development.”

J.C., Age 33, Malibu, CA

“At a time of such uncertainty, when so many things feel out of your control, Seed provides the information, structure and compassion you need. It is the perfect companion for your fertility journey.”

Winifred Flach, MFT, Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve always thought of myself as healthy, but now that I’m working with infertility doctors, I feel conflicted about my body, especially due to my age. The Seed Program restored my sense of confidence and helped me see that I can trust my body again to be healthy.”

Carrie A., Age 42, NYC

“With The Seed Program, I received clear direction every day on what to focus on to help my fertility across all aspects of my life. I was able to customize the benefits based on whatever I needed that day. So much of infertility is out of our control, but Seed allowed me some semblance of control and to make small progress on myself even when faced with medical obstacles. For any given day, The Seed Program provides lots of choices and options on how to help me and my fertility. Whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual support I needed, I always found specific activities I could do easily and comfortably.”

S.L., Age 42, Playa Visa, CA

“The Seed Program helped me tremendously – I learned the importance of making a mental and emotional connection to my fertility issues rather than just focusing on the medical aspects of my fertility treatments.”

Meghan D., Age 35, (now a mother of twins) Bakersfield, CA

“I can’t believe how much the mind plays a part! The doctors don’t have time to explain that important part of treating infertility. Your heart needs to be at peace – and The Seed Program taught me how to get there!”

Michelle C., 44, Miami, Florida


“I had an inner knowing that everything I needed to conceive was inside of me. But I was afraid to try for a second baby because of my traumatic birth experience the first time. I’m so grateful that The Seed Program teaches women how to “Conquer fear with wisdom.” That gave me permission to view myself differently somehow… I realized that I have a deep inner strength and wisdom; and that helped us get past secondary infertility to conceive our son. Thank you for helping me get back to my true self!”

Shannon P., Age 42, Los Angeles, CA

“Danica and her Seed Program helped me realize that my Unexplained Infertility was related to holding onto shameful feelings that I carried for having sex “too soon”. Doing the Seed journal questions helped me forgive myself and that reduced my high anxiety, which helped my ovaries, which helped us conceive – after 8 years of trying. Clearly something shifted… More women need to do this program!”

Kristina B., Age 35, Pasadena, CA


“[Seed is] helpful, sweet, emotional, practical. This program is a gift to women who are hungry for awareness. It’s way better than constant googling and spending hours online! The Seed teachings have helped me maintain endurance in this process and gave me lots to do beyond wondering if there was something more my doctor hadn’t tried.”

Danielle P., Age 36, New York, NY


“I’m a physician in the field of OB/GYN. When it was my turn to get pregnant and have a baby, I felt I knew what to do. When it didn’t happen the first 6 months, I started to worry a bit. By 12 months, I began checking my own labs. I soon discovered that my FSH was high and my AMH was low. I saw 2 fertility doctors who did not have the best news for me. The 3rd fertility doctor suggested that I look into acupuncture with Danica Thornberry. He explained how she had been in a similar situation, and changed her own fertility outcome. Initially I was a bit skeptical. I had heard other women talk about acupuncture helping fertility, but I never thought I would need it for myself. Danica changed my life. She helped me to think about my fertility differently. As a physician I knew about good nutrition, but I had no idea there were foods to promote fertility. Danica’s Seed Program was amazing because it helped me access the emotional part of my fertility struggle and combine it with new changes in my diet. I began to embrace my struggle and believe in what we were doing. Within a short time, I saw my follicle count triple, which was very exciting! The Seed Fertility Program helped give me a feeling of control over my fertility – and it worked! I had a healthy baby and am now working with Danica for another.”

Stacy W., Age 43, Los Angeles, CA

“I hate to admit this, but this program changed my life, my outlook, my health, and my marriage. All for good, of course. I’m not the same person I was when I started this just over a year ago.”

E.G., Age 39, Chicago, IL

One of the biggest immediate changes for me has been how I look at other pregnant people. That whole chapter just spoke directly to me. I used to get so emotional and upset when I saw people posting pictures of their baby bumps on Facebook, or even their little families and smiling faces. I had thoughts of frustration, confusion and anger when I would see a pregnant woman on the street. But that chapter changed everything for me. I don’t get upset anymore. At all. I remind myself that their success can mean success for me too. And I am just genuinely happy for them – they are so lucky to be pregnant and I wish them the best. Above all that, I just felt release. Like those feelings were no longer weighing me down all the time. I have some other feelings to work on still, but I know I am on the right track.”


S.Y., in response to reading Stick It To Me, Baby! Inserting Spirit Into The Science of Infertility
by Danica Thornberry, L.Ac., founder of The Seed Fertility Program
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