High FSH Success Story

When our natural attempts to conceive don’t work and lead us to see a specialist, our FSH levels are tested to reveal the state of the ovaries. “High FSH” or increasing FSH hormone levels rising over time suggests that a woman’s ovaries are working hard to successfully ovulate each month and can explain why a woman is not getting pregnant. Sometimes women in this situation are diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF) or diminished ovarian reserve (DOR).

When a woman is trying to get pregnant and hears one of these labels from her doctor, she can feel disempowered and afraid. Her thoughts immediately go to, Are my eggs bad? How do I get pregnant if I’m on the verge of menopause?

The subtle positive changes that are made each day inside The Seed Program inspire women and soothe their spirits, which in turn helps to lower FSH levels. Which is what Lisa experienced. Watch now to see how she conceived her daughter against the odds, with an FSH score of 79 at age 41:

Online searches, message boards and chatrooms can leave you feeling down or even more confused...
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