Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Success Story

pcos“When my husband and I got married, we both anticipated starting our family immediately. At only 26 years old, I assumed that this task would be simple. I learned that “simple” and “fertility” were not two words that exist in my life.

After being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), an early miscarriage, and the discovery of a nearly 7 cm cyst on my left ovary, I fell into complete despair. I wondered, Can I get pregnant with PCOS?

I felt as though I had no control over my body, and I was slipping into a cycle of disappointment and fear. My doctor at the time suggested birth control pills to regulate my cycle for up to a year, and the thought of putting our dreams of a baby on hold for that long simply stunned me. I remember my best friend mentioning an acupuncturist she had been seeing, and I decided that what I needed was to relax and regroup.

Danica discussed the symbolism of PCOS and introduced me to the unbelievable Seed Program and it truly changed my life.

Utilizing Chinese medicine, nutrition, emotional self-exploration, and even just simple anatomy opened my eyes to the amazing power women have over their fertility. Habits and thoughts I had been holding on to since childhood were suddenly challenged through The Seed Program.

With Danica’s help, I was able to learn the best diet for PCOS, mend emotional scars and introduce a new way of thinking into my daily life. Never before had I realized the psychological aspects of my fertility journey.

Furthermore, the nutrition-based courses laid out an entirely new way of looking at food as a way to not only treat my fertility problems, but also boost the quality of my eggs each cycle.

As I worked my way through each section of the coursework, I felt my fertile confidence growing. My relationship with my husband became much stronger through him also getting involved with my coursework and supporting the changes I was making.

After completing the program, I was able to approach my cycle with a peace and true understanding that I had never had before. Within two months of completing The Seed Program, I found out I was pregnant, and we are expecting our baby girl in September.

Words cannot describe the gratitude my husband and I feel towards The Seed Program. I know that my dreams of being a mother would not have been fulfilled without this miracle program. This journey has shown me that all women, not just those who are having difficulty conceiving, deserve the privilege of having the crucial information found in The Seed Program.”

— Anna B., 27 years old, Mission Viejo, California
Enrolled in The Seed Fertility Program for 2 months before becoming pregnant

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