Endometriosis Success Story

Endometriosis falls into a category of inflammation and also affects the immune system. Both aspects of this disease can negatively affect fertility outcomes.

endometriosisThe Seed Program teaches women how to increase their chances of getting pregnant with endometriosis by explaining the nutritional and emotional causes of inflammation. Seed provides very specific guidelines to help women halt the growth of further adhesions, which has been successful in helping women conceive against the odds.

Karla was 35 when she was told that she would need IVF to get pregnant because of a history of endometriosis and prior miscarriage.

Instead of repeating IVF for a 3rd time, Karla put her energy and focus into the Seed online course, working through the Fertile Thoughts and Fertile Foods modules of the program. She truly optimized her body to conceive on its own!

Baby boy Mateo was born Oct. 3, 2014, after his mom followed the online course for 2 months while living in Peru!

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