Consider that the average infertile woman frequently gives her power away; to fear and worry, to her infertility diagnosis, and to negative thoughts that lead her nowhere good, searching the internet for reassuring statistics, only to find more reason to be worried and afraid (and disempowered).

From repeated disappointments, this woman has become practiced at doubting that her body has the potential to heal a deeper imbalance that created her fertility struggle in the first place.

But… a woman who is ready to take more control over her infertile diagnosis chooses differently.

Such is the case for the women who begin listening to an inner voice that is quiet at first, but gradually gets louder as they gain courage moving forward on their path to baby.

Instead of looking online to see what other women’s experiences have entailed, these more fertile infertile women begin looking for signs that they are healing.

Physically, perhaps they begin to have more regulated cycles and a higher number of follicles, and then emotionally, they start feeling better about the process of healing and what’s involved in becoming a mom these days.

The more “empowered” woman allows herself to come into the understanding that a diagnosis of infertility is also an opportunity — to recover parts of her health and her life that may need some attention before baby arrives.

For an empowered woman who’s been diagnosed with infertility, the recovery process becomes a matter of reframing her diagnosis… from there, she makes changes to her perspective and challenges herself to stay on a path that reflects her personal best, instead of sulking in constant negativity.

The path that this woman will be drawn to as she prepares to overcome infertility is usually different from the conventional advice given to infertility patients, as that often involves passively hoping… and waiting for things to change over time.

Both types of women may need IVF or a combination of science and holistic medicine to overcome infertility. And that’s fine.

However, it’s generally the woman who’s willing to view her infertility differently and can open her mind to hear a deeper truth — that the power to heal lies within herself — for whom healing infertility becomes a matter of consistent, new, different, more empowered life choices.

Committed to restoring fertile confidence and rebuilding faith in herself, this bold woman is cool with working on herself to become a mother and she knows that she’s increasing her fertile potential.

For example, this woman can:

Learning how to believe again, how to think differently about infertility, and how to entertain the thought that it is possible to become fertile again and overcome infertility, is what’s in store for women who have the courage to open their minds and try unconventional self-discovery programs like

What type of woman are you?

Ask yourself, “How am I moving through this time in my life? Is it how I want to remember these years, being negative and afraid, or do I want to remember this time as a challenging, but empowering time in my life’s unfolding?”

Women trying to conceive have a lot of nervous energy, making the thought of sitting still seem unnerving. Even when stillness is exactly what’s needed, it can be hard to find the time or willpower to disengage from the world of fertility chatrooms and social media, to go within and align with your “higher self.”

That’s why we created 12 guided mediations to improve your fertility – to make it easier to get to that peaceful place, engage with your intuition, and get support specific to the world of fertility and ART.

Using tracks from Binaural Visions by visionary artist Liam Bradbury, these meditations help get you into a meditative state easily and quickly. Meditation for fertility activates the mind-body connection that is such a powerful force in improving ovarian function and fertility outcomes, and helps manage and balance your emotions.

We’ve created a fertility meditation for IVF that you can use before, during, and after your embryo transfer – a very important day when staying calm and receptive to a different outcome is of the utmost importance. There’s also a meditation for the waiting that comes with trying to conceive – periods of heightened vulnerability and uncertainty like the two week wait, when your brain is in need of an anchor to redirect looping thoughts of doubt and worry.

These meditations will help reset your adrenal glands, reducing the amount of adrenaline and cortisol in your system, calming your nerves, and giving you tools to keep the faith that your efforts to become a mother will eventually pay off. Soon you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to think more Fertile Thoughts!

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This weekend Hay House Publishing released the news that founder Louise Hay has passed at the age of 90. To those who don’t know, Louise is to be remembered as the original “self-help” author, with her book You Can Heal Your Life selling more than 50 million copies.

As I understand, Louise’s book first started as a pamphlet that she gave away for free because she wanted as many people as possible to entertain the idea that thoughts determine our health. Having overcome tremendous personal traumas (rape, abuse, divorce), she took to writing from the heart – in an attempt to heal suffering created by subconsciously holding onto life circumstances.

Much like the spiritual concepts I share in Stick It to Me, Baby! (published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House), Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life presented the idea that you if you are willing to think differently about what’s showing up in your life, then you’ll have the power to change it for the better.

The pioneering work of Louise Hay paved the way for the self-help movement – inspiring millions of people to start taking responsibility for their thoughts and behaviors in order to improve their health and reverse what she termed: dis-ease. She boldly introduced the practice of using affirmations and visualizations to reverse disease.

In fact, it was her book that I turned to back in 1995 when I was nearly crippled by fibromyalgia. Louise taught me that I could help myself –forming the foundation for my work as a fertility acupuncturist and being the basis for my ability to create two healthy pregnancies naturally despite premature menopause and endometriosis.

Infertility is one condition where “self-help” should be a mandatory aspect of treatment.

Women and couples need more guidance beyond what their doctors can provide. Infertility patients need more than statistics and smoothie recipes they find online. They need to repeatedly hear the message that they have more control over their outcome than they realize.

The Seed Program offers daily affirmations, daily visualizations, self-help tools, meditations and inspiring true stories… all of which help fertility patients keep perspective despite repeated disappointment.

My experience has confirmed what Louise knew all along: You Can Heal Your Life, and that includes healing infertility.

If you’re looking for IVF success tips, you’ve come to the right place. Not only are we launching an entire course on this topic (coming soon!), but Seed founder Danica Thornberry, L.Ac. has years of experience working with women and doctors regularly to ensure a patient’s IVF success rate is as high as it can be.

Every little thing that you do can add a few more percentage points to your chance of success. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to help make your IVF cycle a successful one:

1. Schedule an acupuncture treatment for the morning of your embryo transfer: Not only does acupuncture help reduce stress and manage anxiety, one study showed that adding acupuncture to your IVF cycle can almost double your chances of conception.

2. Wear warm socks: Come prepared to your transfer wearing warm socks. This will help your body stay insulated and relaxed before, during and after your transfer.

3. Come prepared with a meditation (and headphones!) to listen to before and during your transfer: Staying calm can be challenging on this very important day, so come prepared with a meditation that was created specifically for your IVF cycle – it will make a tremendous difference in your state of mind. (Looking for a meditation? There’s one inside The Seed Program, along with an entire module dedicated to your IVF cycle. Click here for more info).

4. Know that you’ve already done your best: Take a mental inventory. Is there anything you think you should’ve done that you didn’t? The intention here is to guide you to feel complete about your efforts to prepare for this cycle. You can relax when you know you’ve done your best. Breathe into that feeling, and surrender to the present moment.

5. Realize that this is everyday business inside your transfer site: When you arrive at your transfer site, remind yourself  — this is the place that creates life every day. Bring your anxiety down a notch by looking at the situation realistically – it’s business as usual for the doctors and staff. Use this thinking and the background noise to guide yourself into a place of fertile confidence. Women get pregnant in this place literally daily. Why can’t one of them be you? Take the emotional charge out a little bit if you can, putting previous losses and cycles behind you – focus on what’s happening right now, today, in this cycle.

Good luck!!


So much of Mother’s Day for women trying to get pregnant is about how it STILL HASN’T HAPPENED.

As I wrapped up the week of counseling my infertility patients, I reflected on what might be helpful for women who simply want to get to next week and have Mother’s Day over and done with. The days leading to Mother’s Day probably feel somewhat like gearing up to attend a massive baby shower, where it’s going to seem like everyone is noticing that you still don’t have your little one.

Mother’s Day elicits big emotions and makes women who are trying to become mothers feel small and forgotten, as they wonder, “Will it EVER happen for me?”

I decided that perhaps the best way I could help my community feel lighter about this weekend was to remind them that Mother’s Day is just that: it’s a day about mothers. We may not all be mothers (yet), but we all came from one. Somewhere there is a woman who allowed her life to be changed so that you could come into the world.

Whatever happened since that day may even hold the answer to why you’re having trouble conceiving or staying pregnant now…

My mom was someone who demonstrated an equal amount of nurturing and complete dysfunction. She was just as much a role model for me to look up to, as she was the perfect example to teach me what NOT to do to if I ever had kids of my own.

It took many years of therapy to help me transcend the grief that occurred from feeling a responsibility to mother my own mother. But if I’m honest, I also have to credit her with giving me the skill of keeping the faith and tirelessly believing in miracles — both of which help me fulfill my life’s calling, teaching infertile women how to find faith in their darkest days.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to feel like a nationwide conspiracy to make you feel inadequate. Rather, it can be a day that you reframe, in order to help your fertility, as you acknowledge the mother you have (or had if she’s passed on), and whatever lessons you learned from that relationship that you can share with a child in the future.

What do you admire about your mother and how does that shine out from you? Or what pathology was set up in your mother-daughter dynamic that challenges you now to grow and strive to be your best?

Don’t spend much time today inwardly feeling sorry for yourself. Instead turn your attention to the woman who raised you and see if there’s something (a lesson learned, an important trait, etc) to express gratitude for, as it may be an important component of your preparation for motherhood.


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