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All too often we withhold our stories of what has happened in our lives — out of shame or fear that we will be misunderstood or judged.

This is especially true in the infertile community. This growing population of women and couples grieve in solitude, and keep their struggle to conceive a very private matter. They suppress much of the frustration, sadness, and repeated disappointment that’s happening in this part of their lives.

But true healing comes from release. And for women especially, that release often comes through talking and sharing.

That’s why in Stick It To Me, Baby!, I share the stories of 33 women who managed to transform their infertile diagnoses into opportunities for healing.

As I sat in front of these women and watched them transform their emotional pain into tiny miracles, I thought, “Wow, if only other women struggling with infertility were able to know these stories! They would know that it IS possible to heal from the emotional pain of repeated disappointment and loss.”

Their personal transformations ultimately resulted in motherhood, and over the years, I’ve shared these stories with other patients to help push them through similar rough spots.

If you’re struggling with infertility and are in need of inspiration to keep going, I invite you to click here and find stories of women who came into my office determined to have a baby after sometimes YEARS of trying.

Here’s what one Amazon review had to say:

This book made me feel heard and understood, and validated my whole range of emotions as I struggled to conceive. Each chapter contains a meaningful story with a new pearl of wisdom and a new seed of hope, and I found myself returning to different women’s tales depending on my mood or outlook on a given day.

I appreciated the combination of spirituality and science in this book, and felt that it placated both my need to understand the process logically, as well believe in a higher power. I recommend this book to any woman struggling yet longing to believe in a light at the end of the tunnel. 

To purchase Stick it To Me, Baby! on Amazon, click here.

There’s a lot of buzz online and in chat rooms about being a “warrior” against PCOS, endometriosis, and infertility in general, but women dealing with infertility need to think seriously about their identification as an #InfertilityWarrior.

Infertility is not a battle, and having a “going into battle” mindset actually increases the level of adrenaline and inflammatory markers in a woman’s system. Both of those physiological responses work against her efforts to ovulate properly and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

While it’s great to see the solidarity of women bonding to help one another, these women might benefit from considering that the concept of “waging a war” goes against our innate feminine physicality that’s designed to be a safe and peaceful receptacle.

Infertility, while so challenging at times, also offers an opportunity to heal deeper imbalances.

Releasing the grip on the painful emotions that accompany infertility, and choosing peace by means of self discovery and spiritual surrender, is what transforms warriors into mothers.

Tune in to my interview with Kirsten Barfoot during the Healing for Pregnancy Summit – How to Become Pregnant Naturally and Experience Your Ultimate Desire of Motherhood, starting March 27, to hear about the various ways in which our thoughts impact our fertility, and hear how I’ve helped more than 1,000 women get to their babies.

I’ll be discussing how to become a “peaceful warrior” and tap back into courage and confidence, and what you can visualize instead of being *the warrior* to move through this time in your life.

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Working with so many women inside my acupuncture practice and seeing how they get to their babies, often against big odds stacked against them, has given me tremendous insight into the determination of the human spirit and how it moves us through adversity.

More often than not, the thing that finally allows a women to achieve her goal of motherhood after a sometimes long and arduous journey, is her willingness to address a few issues of the spirit –

Meaning, she confronts the deeper fears and the loss of faith comes from failing to have a healthy baby.

How do we overcome these core issues, so often associated with infertility?

That’s exactly what I plan to address during my interview inside the Healing for Pregnancy Summit. I’ll be speaking about this, and sharing some of the most inspiring stories of transformational women I’ve worked with these past 15 years; stories of women who experienced great losses, yet managed to find resolve within themselves so they could move on and get to their children.

Join me and 20 other holistic fertility experts starting Monday, March 27 during this free summit, as we discuss the impact that a mind-body connection has on the ovaries, and open up the conversation about other spiritual concepts that are often hidden within a diagnosis of infertility:

When you want to learn something new or do something you’ve never done before, you open your mind to learning all you can.

You buy books, you take classes, and you seek out experts who can help you reach your goal. Let’s face it. Many of you may have met your partner after delving into personal-discovery and learning how to present your “best self” to potential life partners.

So why would healing infertility/preparing for your baby be different? Why should this equally important and emotionally charged time of your life not involve some emotional work and self-improvement?

Each month, there is a newly developing crop of eggs that responds to your diet, emotions and lifestyle.

So if you’re eating Fertile Foods at the right times of your cycle, and nourishing yourself physically, mentally and spiritually during this time of preparing for motherhood, your efforts will positively affect these developing follicles, so that they are:

The sooner you know how to create more fertile conditions,
the faster you get to your target:

Yesterday on Facebook, Resolve asked their followers to “describe infertility in 2 words.” Comments revealed what anyone dealing with infertility knows first hand – that infertility is a: Faith testing, Emotional rollercoaster; An invisible Wound

But also: Life changing, A disguised blessing; Worth it


Being able to reframe infertility into an opportunity for healing and greater self-awareness before becoming a parent will go a long way to helping you feel better about this time in your life, and become a mother against the odds.

E.K., 40, Los Angeles, used The Seed Program to do just that:

The most valuable aspect of the Seed Program for me was that it empowered me to feel as though I was doing everything I could do, mentally and physically, to up our chances in having a child. That is so freeing then to allow whatever is meant to be to happen.

The day-by-day food suggestions, advice, and teachings are a particularly helpful format when every day of the process each month can be quite overwhelming and can feel painfully long. Taking it one day at a time keeps it manageable, and allows you to stay focused.

I do wish I had started the program earlier in our process. A year of unsuccessful IUIs was extremely disheartening and I was terribly depressed at times. Now having gone through the program, I think it would have helped keep me more encouraged and empowered.

But starting it along with our IVF process was very valuable, it allowed me to feel that I could put all of that disappointment behind me and have a fresh start with all of the tools I needed to be stronger emotionally and to fully prime my body physically.

I found the IVF preparation section extremely helpful – with what to expect, advice on foods and the recorded guided meditation.

The most beneficial aspect of the program to me though, truly, is Danica herself – her encouragement and deep, thoughtful knowledge-base is invaluable. She is an amazing resource and partner in this process, and so for someone who may be out of the L.A. area or unable to see her in person, the program is a way to tap into that support and guidance. There is so much information out there on infertility and it can be really scary, so having a resource you feel you can trust, that stays up on medical advancements, both Western and Eastern, but can balance them with a more personal, spiritual-side, is extremely valuable.”

The Seed Program helped E.K. make her IVF a success, and she is now expecting her first child!

When you’re ready to feel better:

Online searches, message boards and chatrooms can leave you feeling down or even more confused...
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