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Getting pregnant is not all science – women going through infertility need emotional tools. 

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant but it’s not working, you know you need to try something different…

The Seed Fertility Program is the missing piece you’ve been looking for!

The Seed Fertility Program is an online course that explains ALL the different dietary, emotional and lifestyle changes that you can make on your own to improve your chances of getting pregnant and becoming a mother.

Created by a successful fertility acupuncturist in response to the holistic needs of fertility patients, this program contains proven effective tools you can use to improve your chance of IVF success, include in your next IUI cycle, or use if you are trying to get pregnant naturally.

Learn how you can become more fertile & increase your chance of IVF success, using:

  • New Fertile Thoughts: We think upwards of 50,000 thoughts per day. Learn how to direct them away from fear, doubt, and worry to more positive thoughts of success and certainty that your efforts to become a mother will pay off.
  • Food as Fertile Medicine: Give your body the starting material that it needs to make better eggs, ovulate successfully and create a more fertile environment. Learn how to use food as fertile medicine, whether you are doing IVF or trying to get pregnant naturally.
  • The predictable logic of your menstrual cycle: Fluctuating hormones mean you have different dietary and emotional needs before and after ovulation. Gain better understanding of your body’s physiology and how to use this information to improve your fertility.
  • Strategies to restore your confidence and decrease stress: Doctors consistently report that when patients feel more relaxed and confident, success rates increase. Learn how to use Fertile Thoughts to calm your nerves and improve your confidence.

Many couples labeled “infertile” are actually sub-fertile.

They simply need to make a few adjustments to their daily lives to improve their fertility conditions drastically. Unfortunately, most women don’t know that there is so much they can do to turn things around.

When you learn how to make changes to your lifestyle, diet and thinking to improve your fertility, you can change your status from “infertile” to… expecting!


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Seed students have a higher IVF success rate. Click here to find out more.

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The Seed Program is for women who want to:

Learn the best diet for fertility that improves egg quality and male factor

Feel less frustrated while trying to get pregnant

Increase their chance of a successful fertility treatment

Heal the heartbreak of miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss

Becoming A Mother Against The Odds

Seed Makes Pregnancy Possible:

“You are not at the mercy of this process – you can stack the deck in your favor.”

-Elizabeth, 39, Seed Success Story

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"A seed already contains everything it needs to sprout.
It just needs the right conditions."

~ Michael Bernard Beckwith