The Seed Fertility Courses

The Seed Fertility Program Masterclass

Clinically-proven tools and daily instructions used by thousands of women to overcome infertility.

Whether you're trying to conceive naturally or doing IVF, we can help you have your best cycle yet!

It IS possible to feel better and empower yourself during this vulnerable phase of your life.Ā  We'll show you how.

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A Holistic Guide To Healing Endometriosis

This comprehensive course contains a unique perspective not found elsewhere, including how to manage the common complaints of endometriosis (including pain, gut, urinary & reproductive issues), interviews from experts in the field: surgeons, fertility specialists, and pelvic physical therapists, a breakdown of hormonal therapy vs. surgery, and your guide to laparoscopy.  

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Guided Fertility Meditations

12 guided meditations created specifically for your fertility. 

Set to binaural beats, these recordings help you use subconscious programming in the form of meditation to support your fertility efforts. 

The changes you’re making now can create a more fertile you, and they are supported by the practice of meditation. 

Sit back, relax, and press play. 

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Egg FreezingĀ Course

Egg freezing is the future of fertility! And you want to feel really good about the eggs you're harvesting.

Understand your cycle to increase your success, learn what to eat, when, and why, and what to do after your egg freezing protocol to minimize side effects and get back to feeling like yourself.

What you do now will impact your egg cells.

Get prepared and empowered with this new online course from Seed Fertility.

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Healing After Loss

This course is your opportunity to learn effective strategies for healing after pregnancy loss.

It's also helpful when you find yourself processing the loss of the *dream* of easy and effortless family-building.

This work can restore your momentum to help you begin moving forward.

Learn how to implement a new mindset, grief recovery tools, and strategies for healing.

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