How To Improve Egg Quality Naturally – What Your Egg Cells Need

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Learning how to improve egg quality naturally can be as easy as applying a metaphor to your fertility journey:

Just like seeds in soil, your egg cells have an innate wisdom.

The passive egg cell asserts herself simply by being patient. She waits for the most optimal conditions before being released from the follicle, because she knows that these conditions are the most likely to improve her chances of being fertilized.

The process of creating quality eggs and embryos is much like nature’s requirements for ripening seeds.

Your eggs need:

  • safe environment, meaning infrequent stress and limited exposure to adrenaline, along with adequate sleep and downtime.
  • Abundant nutrients from good fats, estrogen, and minerals.
  • Sunshine from outdoor activity and adequate Vitamin D.
  • Hydration – ovarian follicles are full of fluid!
  • Proper pH balance – from foods that neutralize an acid diet.

When we imagine this concept and think of it as the Wisdom of the Egg (that she somehow KNOWS how to respond to external conditions), then we can more easily understand why certain foods and behaviors are wildly important in changing and improving our fertility.

Thinking about fertility in this unique way is an example of how to practice using Fertile Thoughts… and knowing how to reframe fertility in this way can be incredibly helpful, because little shifts in thinking make a big change in outcome!

That’s why we created The Seed Fertility Masterclass, to introduce Fertile Foods and Fertile Thoughts — two game-changing aspects of treating infertility that help you shift the way you think about your eggs and your fertility.

This important course can help you make better seeds (i.e. – improve egg quality naturally) and prepare receptive soil — and that’s just what you need to become your most fertile self!

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