‚ÄúAchieving motherhood can be likened to growing a garden. One must cultivate faith¬†& create the best conditions possible for a seed to sprout.‚Ä̬†

~ Dr. Danica Thornberry, Founder of The Seed Fertility Program & Author of Stick It to Me, Baby!: Inserting Spirit into the Science of Infertility

Launched in 2013, Seed Fertility is the leading online fertility masterclass for those asking: 

What can I do to improve my fertility?


Our courses provide the tools you need to navigate:

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We Help People Improve Fertility & Change Their Lives For The Better.

On the fertility journey, how you think and feel impacts your overall experience & fertility outcome.

Offering easy recipes and mind-body techniques rooted in neuroplasticity, Seed Fertility provides a cohesive daily guidance system that's been used around the world to create more than 3000 healthy pregnancies.

The Seed Fertility Masterclass and its ancillary courses teach people with ovaries how to make sense of their bodies and their feelings -- creating the best chance of successful pregnancy and IVF success.

All around the world women use our fertility diet and mindfulness fertility tools to transform grief, strengthen their bodies, and make better-quality embryos.

They learn how to heal infertility and conceive healthy babies.

You CAN get beyond this challenging time. But it will take an open mind and a willingness to try something new...

We invite you to explore this toolbox of recipes, unique perspectives, meditations, inspiring videos, and daily instruction that consistently delivers positive outcomes; whether you're trying to conceive naturally or doing IVF.

Give yourself the tools needed to create a more fertile YOU…

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Seed Fertility Success Stories that Inspire

Real women share how they overcame infertility using the tools inside The Seed Fertility Masterclass.


Using a Holistic Approach To Improve Your Fertility... 

Created by Dr. Danica Thornberry, DAOM, L.Ac., with 20+ years experience helping thousands of patients, Seed Fertility provides an empowering set of strategies that can help you achieve success on the path to baby.


The Seed Fertility Masterclass Is A Clinically-Proven System 

Thousands of women around the world have used The Seed Fertility Program to overcome:

Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Poor Egg Quality

Elevated FSH


Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Failed IVF

Learn how to create more fertile eggs, feel better about the IVF process, and trust your body again. 

Our thousands of healthy pregnancies success rate shows that a holistic fertility approach provides the missing piece in the treatment of infertility. 

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More Seed Fertility Success Stories 

Real women share how they overcame infertility using the tools you're about to learn


"The Seed Program Made Baby-Making Feel Like a Very Achievable Goal."


"I needed something to 'control' during my frozen embryo transfer cycle -- The Seed Masterclass gave me focus, something to plan and execute, and emotional support." 


"I loved logging in and knowing exactly what kinds of food I should eat based on where I was in my cycle."


"I didn’t realize how normal it was to feel all the ways I did every single day - it was spot on and made me relieved to feel really understood."


"This program completely shifted my mindset about getting pregnant. The foods were amazing and I think really helped bring my cycle from 33 days to 28."


"The thing I found most helpful was the day to day guidance ‚ÄĒ each day there were foods and spiritual thoughts that I could focus on rather than pouring all of my energy into whether the cycle would work or not."


"I really enjoyed the meditations. I used them a lot!"

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Even More Inspiring Fertility Stories

Real women share how they overcame infertility using the tools you're about to learn


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