Picture This: 3 New Roles To Embody When Trying To Conceive With Infertility

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When you’re trying to conceive with infertility, appointments, lab tests, procedures, and hormone injections require so much energy and commitment, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the process. That’s why one of our favorite tools at The Seed Program is the practice of envisioning yourself in one of 3 new roles based on where you are in your cycle – it helps you get grounded in your body during a process that can feel very out of control.

If we break the menstrual cycle into three parts – menstruation, ovulation, and possible implantation – it makes perfect sense that a woman’s mindset and physiology will be different at each point. You likely don’t feel like your most positive or upbeat self while on your period, and that’s by design; it’s not a happy time. The more you know how to tap into these shifts and support yourself based on where you are in your cycle, the more you’ll be able to calm your thoughts, and use your brain to positively affect your body.

That’s why it really helps to have something to envision for yourself as a way to empower yourself and think of infertility or trying to conceive differently.

Visualize yourself in one of these three new roles. Which applies best to you today?

Are you within the first one-third (approximately first 10 days) of your menstrual cycle, where women can imagine themselves in the role of a gardener?

Gardeners pull toxic weeds, till the old clumps of soil, nurture new seeds, analyze details and make plans for future planting cycles. Their work is to ensure future blooms. Women who understand basic gardening concepts know that weeds threaten future crops, so they take pride in working to pull them to make room for new growth. They also understand the phrase, “to bloom where we are planted”, which means that sometimes conditions are suboptimal or slow-going, but acceptance is the key to change.  

Are you in the middle of your menstrual cycle, when women should embody the symbolism and metaphorical wisdom of a ripening egg?

An egg cell grows and matures, waiting patiently for certain nutritional and hormonal parameters, before she is released from the comfort & safety of the follicle. When we contemplate this “wisdom of the egg” concept, we realize why certain foods are wildly important in changing our fertility and we can imagine that our eggs are tiny parts of ourselves keeping the faith in our fertility; making the practice of Fertile Thoughts even more important to our success.

Or are you somewhere in the post-ovulatory days of your menstrual cycle, that vulnerable window when women need to embrace the mother inside themselves…?

Mothers have a set of innate gifts that they offer the people around them. By owning this awesome tendency to nurture that is already present before having children, they can feel their fertile confidence increase. Feeling into all the ways that we mother already helps women feel increasingly more hopeful that their fertility efforts will pay off.

Today, give yourself permission to try on one of these new roles and see how it feels to begin thinking differently about your infertility.


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