33 Stories To Keep You Inspired On Your Path To Baby

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All too often we withhold our stories of what has happened in our lives — out of shame or fear that we will be misunderstood or judged.

This is especially true in the infertile community. This growing population of women and couples grieve in solitude, and keep their struggle to conceive a very private matter. They suppress much of the frustration, sadness, and repeated disappointment that’s happening in this part of their lives.

But true healing comes from release. And for women especially, that release often comes through talking and sharing.

That’s why in Stick It To Me, Baby!, I share the stories of 33 women who managed to transform their infertile diagnoses into opportunities for healing.

As I sat in front of these women and watched them transform their emotional pain into tiny miracles, I thought, “Wow, if only other women struggling with infertility were able to know these stories! They would know that it IS possible to heal from the emotional pain of repeated disappointment and loss.”

Their personal transformations ultimately resulted in motherhood, and over the years, I’ve shared these stories with other patients to help push them through similar rough spots.

If you’re struggling with infertility and are in need of inspiration to keep going, I invite you to click here and find stories of women who came into my office determined to have a baby after sometimes YEARS of trying.

Here’s what one Amazon review had to say:

This book made me feel heard and understood, and validated my whole range of emotions as I struggled to conceive. Each chapter contains a meaningful story with a new pearl of wisdom and a new seed of hope, and I found myself returning to different women’s tales depending on my mood or outlook on a given day.

I appreciated the combination of spirituality and science in this book, and felt that it placated both my need to understand the process logically, as well believe in a higher power. I recommend this book to any woman struggling yet longing to believe in a light at the end of the tunnel. 

To purchase Stick it To Me, Baby! on Amazon, click here.

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