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Consider that the average infertile woman frequently gives her power away; to fear and worry, to her infertility diagnosis, and to negative thoughts that lead her nowhere good, searching the internet for reassuring statistics, only to find more reason to be worried and afraid (and disempowered).

From repeated disappointments, this woman has become practiced at doubting that her body has the potential to heal a deeper imbalance that created her fertility struggle in the first place.

But… a woman who is ready to take more control over her infertile diagnosis chooses differently.

Such is the case for the women who begin listening to an inner voice that is quiet at first, but gradually gets louder as they gain courage moving forward on their path to baby.

Instead of looking online to see what other women’s experiences have entailed, these more fertile infertile women begin looking for signs that they are healing.

Physically, perhaps they begin to have more regulated cycles and a higher number of follicles, and then emotionally, they start feeling better about the process of healing and what’s involved in becoming a mom these days.

The more “empowered” woman allows herself to come into the understanding that a diagnosis of infertility is also an opportunity — to recover parts of her health and her life that may need some attention before baby arrives.

For an empowered woman who’s been diagnosed with infertility, the recovery process becomes a matter of reframing her diagnosis… from there, she makes changes to her perspective and challenges herself to stay on a path that reflects her personal best, instead of sulking in constant negativity.

The path that this woman will be drawn to as she prepares to overcome infertility is usually different from the conventional advice given to infertility patients, as that often involves passively hoping… and waiting for things to change over time.

Both types of women may need IVF or a combination of science and holistic medicine to overcome infertility. And that’s fine.

However, it’s generally the woman who’s willing to view her infertility differently and can open her mind to hear a deeper truth — that the power to heal lies within herself — for whom healing infertility becomes a matter of consistent, new, different, more empowered life choices.

Committed to restoring fertile confidence and rebuilding faith in herself, this bold woman is cool with working on herself to become a mother and she knows that she’s increasing her fertile potential.

For example, this woman can:

  • -Catch her worrisome thoughts, and reframe them into faith-based reasoning.
  • -Focus on what IS working in her life, instead of obsessing about what hasn’t happened yet.
  • -Learn to love and accept (with gratitude) the life she has already, so that she can truly be ready for a new life experience

Learning how to believe again, how to think differently about infertility, and how to entertain the thought that it is possible to become fertile again and overcome infertility, is what’s in store for women who have the courage to open their minds and try unconventional self-discovery programs like

What type of woman are you?

Ask yourself, “How am I moving through this time in my life? Is it how I want to remember these years, being negative and afraid, or do I want to remember this time as a challenging, but empowering chapter in my life’s story?”

The information provided on this site is for educational purposes only, and does not substitute for professional medical advice. We aren’t trying to fill in for your medical doctor here, but we are doing our best to help you increase your chance of becoming a mom. Be sure to consult a medical provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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