Pregnant with her own eggs at age 46

building fertile confidence the seed program + ivf

I recently sat down with a Seed success story. Lauren is 46 and just had a baby using her own eggs.

She said something to me in the interview that really stood out –

“When I looked back, I realized I always got things done in the nick of time.”

She explained that whether it was meeting a deadline in her job as a producer, getting to the store right before it closed, or meeting the man who would become her husband, it all happened right in the “nick of time.”

Remembering that about herself, she was able to calm her nerves after the first few rounds of IUI and then IVF were unsuccessful. We worked together to discover this part of her history and applied it to her fertility journey, and I repeatedly reminded her to ask herself, What do I do with what I know?

If her life had always operated in this way, where things happened right down to the wire, why would having kids be any different?

She had a lot of wisdom to share. You can watch her interview here:



While her story is truly inspirational, it’s also a clear example of how a quick life review can help us remember our strengths, and that can overflow into a feeling of having more fertile confidence (or faith and belief that things will work out for us in this area of our lives).

When I look back on what helped me get to Kira and Jack, it was an awareness of the spiritual lessons I was learning within the treatment rooms and a commitment to apply those concepts to my own life. Essentially, taking my own advice! (All of that is captured in my book Stick it to me, Baby!)

How might your assessment of your life’s unfolding help you increase your fertile confidence?

You can start by asking yourself, What wisdom have I learned throughout my life that I could apply to my fertility journey?

We dive into this inside The Seed Fertility Masterclass. Ready to explore this further? Sign up here.

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