by Dr. Danica Thornberry




You’re trying to have a baby

You’re trying to conceive naturally, or you’re working with a doctor.

You’ve had a previous loss.

You’ve been labeled a “poor responder.”

You’re looking for support and guidance to help improve your fertility and empower you in the process.


There’s just one problem: You don’t know who to trust, or where to start. What advice will really make a difference?

Maybe you’ve had some of these thoughts along your fertility journey:

  • What if it doesn’t happen for me?
  • Is there something out there that my doctor hasn’t tried?
  • Is there something wrong with me?
  • I need fertility tools
  • I don’t know who to trust
  • All of my friends are getting pregnant

Hi, I’m Danica Thornberry,
Doctor of Acupuncture specializing in fertility since 2001 and creator of The Seed Fertility Program.


I’ve been working with women one-on-one for over 20 years inside my clinic in Los Angeles, Well Women Acupuncture. Using my background in molecular biology and acupuncture, I’ve become pretty well known for helping women consistently beat the odds.

I’ve seen that when women are given the right tools that address diet, lifestyle, emotions, thinking, and the spirit, amazing shifts happen – shifts that change women from ‘infertile’ to Mother.


I decided to put all of this information into a Fertility Masterclass, so it could reach more women who are trying to conceive.


I can tell you this – if you want to empower yourself with tools to improve your fertility, you’re in the right place!



I’m here to tell you that you can do this. Thousands of women before you have used the information found inside The Seed Program to change their outcome.

Now, It’s Your Turn.


Watch now to see how Lisa conceived her daughter naturally, despite an FSH score of 79 at age 41. Her story is really inspiring.


Based on many years of patient care and the results of The Seed Program Clinical Trial, I know that with the right tools and the willingness to implement them, it is possible to:

  • Improve your gametes
  • Make more eggs
  • Heal your heart from pregnancy loss
  • Feel confident in your ability to become a mother
  • Use your mind to positively affect your fertility
  • Implement small changes each day that make a big difference in fertility outcomes

Working with thousands of patients, I’ve witnessed that there is one major component missing in fertility protocols – the option to become an empowered patient who takes an active role in the process of trying to conceive.

That’s why I coined the phrase Fertile Confidence. It describes a woman who has access to fertility education and the courage to apply herself.

Because women, with their feelings, worries and disappointments, can find themselves getting lost amidst all the appointments, statistics, and comparisons to friends. They begin to feel helpless, asking, “is there something more I can do?”

With that in mind, I created Seed using two core concepts:


Fertile Thoughts + Fertile Foods

We know that getting pregnant is not all science

Fertile Thoughts encompass the mental, spiritual, and emotional concepts that you can lean on in hard times. They are the pieces that address the psycho-spiritual and mind-body component of infertility.

And it’s not just about “thinking positive”! Watch below:

Using Food as Fertile Medicine

Fertile Foods include the education around nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. These foods serve as “medicine” when you eat them according to where you are in your cycle. Watch below:

Fertility education involves understanding your cycle

What you’ll learn inside The Seed Fertility Masterclass:

  • The foundational concepts of Fertile Thoughts and Fertile Foods
  • Education about your cycle, hormones, and fertility
  • Daily guidance for each day of your cycle
  • Guidance for your IVF protocol – we break it down, and help you boost your chances of success
  • Foods and recipes to improve your fertility
  • Fertility Meditations, including one for your Embryo Transfer
  • Which supplements are recommended for fertility and why
  • What to do during a rest cycle and when you’re waiting for results
  • Specific information for your partner so they can get involved in the process

It’s time to empower yourself with education about what’s happening in your mind and body throughout your menstrual cycle.

Support this monthly rhythm with personal self-discovery exercises, awareness of the mental-emotional component, and learn how to use food to support your eggs and embryos.



The Seed Fertility Masterclass

Instrumental when you’re trying to conceive, doing IVF, recovering from loss, or looking to make better eggs/embryos.

An empowering patient-education tool used by thousands of women who were ready to overcome infertility and become mothers.

The first masterclass ever created for fertility!



Elizabeth, 39, poor egg quality, compromised sperm:

After three miscarriages, Elizabeth found her way to The Seed Program to improve her egg quality and optimize her body for IVF success.

“I loved the support, the flexibility, and the way that it helped keep my thoughts in alignment with my goal. I found it helpful to know what to expect on specific days of my cycle. It was comforting to know that I wasn’t ‘crazy’ on day 23. That my surge of emotions was completely normal and to be expected. Why don’t they teach us about this in school? These are concepts about my own body I wish I had known all these decades.”

K.R., 37, Los Angeles, CA

Daily guidance for your cycle

In a world that focuses on everything you have to eliminate in order to get pregnant, Seed Fertility is all about knowing what you CAN do each day:

  • Phase 1 – The Menstrual Period: Cleanse and Release the former cycle
  • Phase 2 – Approaching Ovulation: Prepare optimal quality eggs
  • Phase 3 – Post Ovulation: Support implantation
  • Phase 4 – The Premenstrual Week: Keep hormones and your mood balanced during this emotionally charged time

If you’re trying to conceive naturally:

You’ll be empowered with tools…

If you’re working with a doctor:

You’ll have a clear overview about what’s happening at each stage of your protocol, and how to think and eat to best support your efforts.



Here’s what you’ll receive when you sign up:

  • Immediate 24/7 access to all of the fertility guidance and support found inside The Seed Fertility Masterclass
  • Daily guidance for each day of your menstrual cycle
  • 12 guided meditations that focus on your fertility
  • Easy-to-make recipes for each day of your cycle
  • Patient education. Understand your body and its rhythms, and how to use this information to your advantage when trying to conceive
  • Videos from real women sharing their stories to provide inspiration and “invisible support.”
  • Tasks to keep your outlook balanced during the two-week wait, and other periods of waiting
  • Specific guidance around your IVF protocol – practical tips, recipes, and a guided meditation for your embryo transfer
  • An entire section for your partner to help them learn how to best support you, based on where you are in your cycle
  • Fertile Foods and Thoughts for Men to improve sperm count and motility

This information is not taught anywhere else.

The value of this program with all of this important, clinically proven information would be priced well over $3,000.

You’ll pay only $399. One time.

And you can choose to pay in installments because we know that this is a tough time.



“After almost 10 years of trying, we are expecting!!! Danica has a special gift of making dreams come true!!!”

-L.O., 42, Burbank, CA

Ready to get started?

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  • You’ll start improving your fertility based on proven-strategies that consistently help women improve egg and embryo quality, and beat the odds



I designed this program so I could share my knowledge and experience from working closely with patients and some of the best fertility doctors in the world.

Dr. Danica Thornberry, DAOM, FABORM

Daily guidance for your cycle

The Seed Fertility Program Masterclass is perfect for you if you’re:

  • Trying to conceive naturally
  • Are working with a doctor
  • Have already done 1 or more rounds of IVF
  • Are experiencing secondary infertility
  • Have been diagnosed as a “poor responder”
  • Have had one or more losses along the way
  • Are experiencing “Unexplained Infertility”

This investment to improve your fertility with The Seed Fertility Program Masterclass is only $399.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is this online course?

The program includes information for all “28 days” of a typical fertility cycle and you will use it as long as you are doing fertility treatment and/or trying to conceive. Once you purchase the program, the material is yours for life. When we make upgrades to improve the user experience, the improvements become yours automatically, for free.

Can I start the program at any point in my cycle, or do I need to wait until the beginning of my next cycle?

You can start at any point in your cycle! But we recommend that you jump in now and familiarize yourself with all of the content in the course, so you can get immediate support for exactly where you are in your cycle, whether that’s when you’re approaching ovulation or during the 2 week wait.

Know that there’s an abundant supply of supportive material in the course for the post-ovulatory days! If you tend to feel anxious or worried during that window of time, sign up now for supportive tools to get you through.

How much time do I need to spend in the course each day?

Generally users spend about 15-20 min per day reading the daily material &/or preparing the foods. There are also 12 different meditations, each averaging 15 minutes that are available for you anytime.

Are there other recommendations inside the program for which I might need to budget money? Supplements, massages, or additional fees?

No. There’s no surprises and expensive gimmicks inside. Just straightforward, time-tested, doctor-approved advice presented from a mind-body perspective.

The program is a combination of “Fertile Thoughts” (i.e. meditations, affirmations, inspiring videos, journal questions and unique education), and “Fertile Foods” (shopping lists and recipes/foods to eat each day of your fertility cycle). Specifically, you will be relieved to find 3 or more easy-to-find foods suggested daily to balance your mood and your hormones, and improve eggs/sperm.

Is the entire course done online?

Yes, the course is done completely online. It’s private and there is no community forum attached. This is a self-paced program that supplies women with emotional tools and dietary information that effectively improves the quality of gametes and embryos, and cycle outcomes.

How long does it take to work?

We can’t make guarantees, as every person and situation is unique. But what we’ve seen is that success typically happens between 2-6 months of consistent effort.

Friends recommend this program because it works!

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