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3 Tips To Increase Male Fertility

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When we compare what couples go through to have a baby or to create IVF success, it’s tempting to think that his contribution is less significant. After all, he’s just “giving a sample,” right?

Well, yes and no. Sure, it’s easier to evaluate sperm quality than it is to test eggs. Men have far more gametes than we do and he’ll continue replenishing his supply for decades, which can afford him the luxury of a few sub-optimal lifestyle choices, while we have only these few months or years depending on our age…

But your man’s contribution is important and can reveal important information about his health, how he feels about going through this process and how he’s been taking care of himself. More frequently than ever it’s the male partners who need a little help with self-care and stress reduction.

Who knew that his attitude about taking this journey can determine the quality of his sample and influence his willingness to make changes if necessary.

So, how about a few suggestions on how to increase male fertility?

Improving male factor goes way beyond giving him vitamins and smoothies!

Here are 3 valuable tips from The Seed Fertility Program for the man in your life:

  • Make him feel important and appreciated. Men know that the experience of having a baby means a loss of personal freedom and less attention from you. Therefore he’ll be looking for occasional reassurance that baby won’t take away too much of his freedom, and that he will still be important to you once baby arrives. Make it a priority to find a few minutes to discuss these two important topics and give him the chance to talk about he feels about what’s happening (or not happening). Be honest and ask yourself: are you regularly showing him appreciation for his supportive role in this process, or are you more often venting your frustrations to him?
  • What goes into his body affects what comes out. Men who want to increase their sperm count and improve the sperm morphology need to increase their water intake to 1-2 liters of filtered water each day, and avoid soda, artificial sweeteners and energy drinks. Instead of relying on coffee drinks that contain sugary syrup or Gatorade-like post-workout drinks, pass on the advice that he’d be better off drinking coconut waters and unsweetened iced green tea. The more fluid he drinks, the more optimal his internal environment will be to create quality sperm.
  • Help him “keep things moving” and prevent stagnation. Okay, so this is a little awkward, but let’s face it – when a man sits all day at his desk, so do his sperm. Urologists recommend more frequent ejaculation in order to “clean the pipes.” It just makes sense that the more he sits, the more heat he gets generates in his seat, which contributes to accidental cooking of his swimmers and a reduced sperm count, as well as lowered morphology and slower motility. Recommend to him (or help him to) release old, damaged sperm every other day with more frequent ejaculation. This will typically increase the sperm quality and help the two of you feel closer. A double win!

The Seed Fertility Masterclass contains a Men’s Program that explains how to increase sperm count with food while also teaching him very specific ways to support you better throughout the process of trying to conceive.

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