Why A “Healthy Diet” Isn’t Necessarily A Fertile Diet

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Ever stop to think, “I’m doing everything I can to increase my fertility and nothing is working. What gives?”

With respect to eating for fertility, we first have to understand that much of the dietary guidance we’re given in America is aimed at cardiovascular health, or to assist with weight loss.

We’ve been told to avoid egg yolks, drink non-fat milk, eat low-fat diets, choose sugar-free coffee drinks and diet-sodas. However, this set of guidelines has created more obesity and diabetes, and my experience with infertile women who follow that diet advice suggests that eating this way is adding to the growing infertility problem.

As an acupuncturist and fertility-educator, I’m repeatedly asked the question: What foods should I be eating/avoiding?

My first rule for recovering women’s fertility is simple: The ovaries don’t like carbs and sugar, but they LOVE good fats and greens!

Every time you step foot into a coffee shop you send the girls a mixed message of, “Yes I want a baby, but I really need this stimulation to get through the day and feel happy.”  What’s an ovary to do?

If your barista or local juicer knows your daily order, you are having TOO MUCH caffeine and sugar.

Keeping your mood elevated while trying to get pregnant is one thing, but staying stimulated with coffee drinks and fruit juices that are marketed as healthy and “natural” are habits that are keeping you from becoming more fertile.

Instead of creating a dependency on sugar and caffeine, try this instead:

  • Start by making the simple change from a protein bar at breakfast to soft-boiled eggs over toast. Two simple eggs contain cholesterol (something we’ve been told to avoid, but cholesterol is necessary for improving fertility!), which is converted into estrogen and used by your ovaries to make healthy egg cells.
  • If you’ve been avoiding dairy because you’re lactose intolerant or because you believe dairy to be the cause of bloating, try including hard cheeses that are “raw”, which means the lactase enzyme is still intact. Your ovaries need this unaltered form of good fat. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to digest without bloating!

We’ve all been lured into the convenience, energy-bursts and marketing ploys of stimulating, low-calorie foods, but this diet leaves the ovaries either hard-pressed to find sufficient fats to mature egg cells, or drowning in so much sugar that a polycystic anovulatory scenario emerges.

The Seed Fertility Program online courses offer the suggestion that there is more you can do to help improve your fertility. Start implementing these simple suggestions into your daily routine. You will feel the difference in your energy, and your eggs will thank you!

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