To Become More Fertile, Eat The Right Foods At The Right Time

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We all know that dietary choices play an important role in our overall health, but we’re just starting to value the ways in which food can serve as medicine.

In order to use food to become more fertile, it’s important to understand that it’s not just knowing which foods help fertility – it’s far better to eat the right food during the right days of your menstrual cycle if you want to make a huge difference in your fertility!

Women inside The Seed Program learn that the female body goes through 4 predictable phases during her menstrual cycle, which means that regardless of her cycle length, her body has different nutritional requirements for each of these 4 phases which are innately intended to support her reproductive efforts:

  • While bleeding (considered Phase 1) a woman is losing iron and sloughing old endometrial lining and estrogens from the prior fertility cycle. To support her monthly cleanse, it’s important to know which foods to eat in these days. Steamed leafy greens and green super foods are two of the best choices during this first phase.
  • To prepare for ovulation (Phase 2), women’s bodies are craving more fat to convert to estrogen to aid in maturing the ovarian follicles, which contain egg cells. Choosing “good fats” during this time will help you become more fertile and increase your chance of releasing an egg that is better quality, while also contributing physiological estrogens to help build uterine lining. A few good fat options in this phase include macadamia nuts and coconut products.
  • After ovulation occurs, the emphasis is on supporting implantation. This week (Phase 3) is about keeping things calm in the uterus and not causing shock to the system. Therefore, avoiding cold, contractile foods is your best choice to increase your chance of getting pregnant. On these days that follow ovulation, choose foods that are easy to digest like slow cooked meats, squash and yams.
  • In the final days before your pregnancy test, women are predictably on edge, wondering if their efforts to get pregnant were successful. During this time period (Phase 4), you can keep your emotions balanced by eating foods that do not cause blood sugar imbalance. Two good suggestions include red fruits and tomato-based sauces. Both satisfy cravings for sweet or salty that occur during this week of fluctuating hormones.

Inside The Seed Program women are instructed each day about which specific foods to include to become more fertile. Knowledge is power, and feeling more powerful can be especially important if you’ve had trouble getting pregnant.

Figure out where you are in your cycle and give these few suggestions a try. There’s a lot more waiting for you inside The Seed Program online courses, but these will get you on your way to improved fertility starting today!

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The information provided on this site is for educational purposes only, and does not substitute for professional medical advice. We aren’t trying to fill in for your medical doctor here, but we are doing our best to help you increase your chance of becoming a mom. Be sure to consult a medical provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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