2 Things To Stop Eating If You Have PCOS Or Endometriosis

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In my recent livestream interview with mom.me, I got a lot of questions from viewers like, “Can I get pregnant with PCOS?” and, “What should I eat if I have endometriosis?”

While PCOS and endometriosis are very different conditions, they are similar in that they both have hormone imbalance as their root cause:

Endometriosis is an imbalance of estrogen to progesterone in an inflammatory environment. This condition is characterized by painful adhesions arising from displaced endometrial lining found outside of the uterus, which compromises your fertility.

PCOS patients have a predominance of male hormones (aka androgens), which leads to a situation where the woman has irregular cycles and therefore, difficulty timing her ovulation.

Because sugar disrupts hormone balance and triggers an inflammatory response, if you have either of these conditions, avoiding carbs and sugar is the best way you can take control of your fertility.

You may think you’re not having very much of these foods right now, but through means of these 2 infertile conditions, your body is suggesting otherwise.

Sugar has become very hard to avoid. The biggest culprits are soda, sweet coffee drinks (think flavored syrup and creamers, blended drinks, and added sugars to regular coffee), alcohol, quick, convenient foods like protein and meal replacement bars, and meals full of carbs that quickly turn into sugar.

Become Aware:

You can become aware of how much these foods play a role in your fertility by keeping a diet journal for the next 3 days. Log what you eat and drink, and note how much sugar is in each snack, meal and beverage. How many carbs do you eat on a regular basis? Take an objective look at your diet and ask yourself:

  • Where can you cut back?
  • What time of day/month do you crave sugar the most?
  • What am I hoping this sugary food will do for me emotionally right now? Relieve stress, satisfy a craving, etc.
  • What would be a better choice for me right now?

Notice your reliance on this stimulant and the role it plays in your life, and make an effort to cut back. Your body and fertility will thank you!

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